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The XR Association is the trade association for the XR industry.
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XRA is leading the way for the responsible development and adoption of XR by convening stakeholders, developing best practices and research, and advocating on behalf of our members and the greater XR industry.

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XRA Member Benefits

The XR Association represents the broad ecosystem of the XR industry, which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and future immersive technologies.

The XR Association provides a forum for industry networking and collaboration to assist in the development and success of your products and the entire XR industry. XRA members receive unique and valuable benefits across the association’s key focus areas:


  • Network and build relationships with leading XR headset manufacturers and the larger XR ecosystem
  • Work side-by-side on XRA’s active committees and working groups to ensure the limitless future of the XR industry


  • Ensure that your XR product and services are ready for the future by engaging with member companies and stakeholders on XRA leadership initiatives
  • Highlight your brand and products or services through association events and industry promotional activities


  • Gain XR-specific insights about the impact of new legislation and regulations on your XR product or services
  • Contribute to the development of XRA public policy priorities to support the further expansion of your XR business

Together, we can ensure the limitless future of the XR industry. Join Us.

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Who We Represent

XRA expanded its membership in 2021 to include the following membership categories:

Any company that manufactures or operates a platform for XR head-mounted displays and mobile XR that has or will bring its first-party hardware, or third-party hardware built to their platform specifications, to the global market within a reasonable timeframe

Any company that makes systems, components or hardware used in or may accompany another company’s XR-related end product

Any company that integrates XR technologies with an end user’s mission or needs

Any company that provides or builds the system of hardware, software, facilities, and service components on which immersive technologies rely for transmission and services

Any company or institution that deploys immersive technologies to achieve desired outcomes

Open to any small business that develops software for use of XR technologies

Open to any company or firm that supports the growth of the XR industry

XRA Membership terms & conditions apply across all membership categories.
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Join the largest group of XR manufacturers and industry ecosystem partners in shaping the future of the XR industry.

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