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Consumer and Industrial Product Safety

Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality products each have deeply intertwined connections to the user, affecting vision, motion, balance, mental acuity, sense of space and place, and many other human senses.

Whether you are wearing a head mounted display, are using augmented reality effects on your mobile device, or receiving audio or haptic feedback, XR hardware, software, and operating systems should adhere to all applicable safety standards. As these technologies evolve, the XR Association will lead or partner with other organizations to develop new standards and best practices for novel areas of XR technology where appropriate. Regulators and advocates alike should be able to point to the XR ecosystem as an example of responsible and engaged product development.

The XR industry is committed to a strong collaboration between scientists, policy makers, and product manufacturers, leading to a strong culture of product safety and empirically driven evaluations of the health and safety implications of emerging, consumer technologies.