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XR Use Cases Fact Sheets

XRA has put together a series of XR use case fact sheets, each focused on a sector where XR solutions have fostered positive societal outcomes and have infinite potential.

Read more about XR Technology and Healthcare, XR Technology and Manufacturing, XR Technology and Public Safety, Inclusive XR, and an overview of XR: The Technology of the Future – Today.

  • XR is Improving Medical Training and Patient Care: XR’s use in healthcare is on the rise, from the operating room to medical classrooms, from pain management to mental health, and experts estimate the market for XR in healthcare could reach $7B by 2026.
  • XR is Improving Quality, Efficiency, and Safety in Manufacturing: XR is rapidly gaining traction in the manufacturing sector, where it allows engineers to practice various “what-if” scenarios in virtual space – ultimately enhancing safety, delivering cost savings, and improving speed and accuracy.
  • XR is Bolstering Public Safety: From law enforcement and emergency medical services to firefighting and disaster management, first responders and other public safety professionals are leveraging XR technology to better equip trainees for the challenges they will face in the field.
  • XR is Making Experiences and Technology Accessible to People with Disabilities: XR developers are broadening the realm of the possible for users with disabilities, making once inconceivable experiences available to users with limited mobility, sensory impairments, and cognitive disabilities.
  • XR is Upskilling Workers for the 21st-Century Economy: Workers are increasingly expected to upgrade their skills quickly and efficiently throughout their careers—particularly in industries like the auto industry, where generations of technology outpace generations of workers. Engineering giant Bosch and auto giant Ford have teamed up to develop applications where auto technicians use VR to “go inside” an electric vehicle, navigate through various modules as if they were walking through rooms, identify problems, and make repairs.