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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Hotel Colee, Atlanta, Georgia

The Limitless Future Conference > XR for Learning & Development brings together senior-level learning and development professionals with XR equipment and software providers to learn and experience how immersive technology is making training, learning, and talent management more efficient, effective, and economical.



Join the leaders of the XR Association and its event partners for the opening of the second annual Limitless Future Conference.

Speakers: Allison Baldwin, President, ATD Greater Atlanta; Liz Hyman, CEO, XR Association,

Speakers to be announced

Hear from XR hardware industry leaders as they explore the latest in immersive technologies and discuss how it can propel more effective learning.

Speakers: XRA executive member company representatives

Speakers to be announced

Connect with your L&D peers and hear about their direct experience working with XR technologies

Speakers to be announced

Speakers to be announced

Speakers to be announced

Speakers to be announced

Learn directly from HR and L&D leaders who have been in the trenches standing up XR-based pilot programs and moving their programs to scale.

Speaker: Scott Burkey, Technology Fellow, Westrock

XR provides new data to make it easier to determine program benefits, while also reducing costs. Go deep on how to prove the value of XR L&D.

Speaker: Vi Kellersohn, CMO, Oberon Technologies

Speakers to be announced


Allison Baldwin

Allison Baldwin is the President of ATD Greater Atlanta. As a leader of a non-profit organization in the Talent & Development community, she has experience onboarding and leading teams, developing a variety of programs, building out succession plans, and leading strategic planning sessions. During her tenure as President-elect, she helped plan and execute the chapter's mentorship program, aligned it with the Talent & Development, which earned the chapter Sharing Our Success recognition from ATD. She also met 100% of her succession planning goal and started her year as chapter president with all roles of my Executive Board filled.

Scott Burkey

Scott Burkey is a Technology Fellow at WestRock, a global manufacturing and consumer packaging company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. He takes a pragmatic approach to implementing new ways of making training more effective and supporting front-line workers. Having worked as a software developer for over 20 years for brands like CNN, TBS/TNT and Coca-Cola, Scott now champions new technologies in the manufacturing industry which he believes will be one of the biggest adopters of augmented and virtual reality. Prior to WestRock Scott delivered VR products for the National Basketball Association. He serves in an advisory capacity to startups and non-profits.

Laura Chadwick

Laura Chadwick serves as the XR Association’s Vice President of Industry Relations. In this position, Chadwick leads membership, member and partner development, market research and oversees marketing and event strategies. Chadwick previously served as a director of corporate member engagement at the National Restaurant Association and as a federal lobbyist within its government affairs department. Additionally, Chadwick worked for the Consumer Technology Association as a federal lobbyist, U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-05) and U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff (CA-28).

Liz Hyman

Liz Hyman is the Chief Executive Officer of the XR Association (XRA), the trade association representing the technology manufacturers that power the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality industries. XRA is dedicated to the responsible development and thoughtful advancement of XR technologies across the globe. Prior to joining XRA, Hyman served as Executive Vice President of Public Advocacy at the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), where she led the association’s outreach to members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and other international, federal, state, and local government institutions that shape and influence public policies affecting the IT industry.

Vi Kellersohn

Vi Kellersohn is the Chief Marketing Officer of Oberon Technologies. Vi leads the marketing efforts, manages strategic partnerships and supports strategic projects. For over 20 years Vi has helped create co-marketing campaigns, success stories, and business case and ROI reports for B2B technology organizations. Throughout her career Vi has lead marketing organization across all marketing functions including strategy, demand generation, thought leadership, and sales enablement. Vi is a frequent speaker at industry events and serves on industry committees including VRARA and Industrial XR Associations.