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The Limitless Future Conference > XR for Learning & Development brings together senior-level learning and development professionals with XR equipment and software providers to learn and experience how immersive technology is making training, learning, and talent management more efficient, effective, and economical.



Learn about immersive technology and how it’s being used in leading learning and development departments.

Get into XR

Interact with our exhibitors’ immersive technology focused on learning and development.


Network with other L&D professionals who are interested in the next generation of talent development through XR.


Discover the future of XR training and upskilling at the second annual Limitless Future Conference, featuring Meta, Praxis Labs, Oberon Technologies, ArborXR, PIXO VR, ZenVR, and more.
Coffee and light snacks will be served.

Join the leaders of the XR Association and its event partners for the opening of the second annual Limitless Future Conference.

Speakers: Allison Baldwin, President, ATD Greater Atlanta; Liz Hyman, CEO, XR Association

Hear from XR hardware industry leaders as they explore the latest in immersive technologies and discuss how it can propel more effective learning.

Moderator: Stephanie Montgomery, Vice President of Research & Best Practices, XRA
Panelists: Lori Moylan, Public Policy Manager, Meta's U.S. External Affairs; Karim Mohammadali, XR Policy Lead, Google

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) we are facing a shortfall of 15 million healthcare workers by 2030 -- and the definition of a healthcare professional is not just limited to those with medical or even four-year college degrees (think of dental hygienists, respiratory care providers, medical office management, etc.). XR offers a new and important advancement in education, upskilling and training for these jobs. This panel will explore how XR can cross geographical, educational, and economical barriers to meet workers where they live and provide them with the information they need.

Moderator: Liz Hyman, CEO, XRA;
Panelists: Danielle Burnstein, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Penumbra, Inc.'s Immersive Healthcare; Alex Swartsel, Deputy Director, Acceleration, JFFLabs; Bharath Kumar, Team Lead - Technology and Innovation, World Health Organization's Academy Division

Network with other HR and Learning & Development professionals and experience cutting edge XR technology. Drinks and lunch will be served.

Visit the exhibitors hall and try XR technology from companies like Meta, Praxis Labs, Oberon Technologies, ArborXR, PIXO VR, ZenVR and many more.

Connect with your L&D peers and hear about their direct experience working with XR technologies

Transfr is creating classroom-to-careers pathways, to train the next generation of workers for well-paying jobs across every industry via immersive hands-on simulated training programs that develop critical skills for employment in well-paying, in-demand jobs. Learn how Transfr works with community organizations, workforce development groups, educational institutions, and industry leaders, to help build better futures for workers, employers, and the communities that they call home.

Presenters: Derrick Walker, Workforce Advisor, Transfr; and Jud Faircloth, Adjunct Professor, Columbus Tech

Hear from Sean Hurwitz, CEO & Founder of PIXO VR, Rich Beaudrie, Learning & Development, Digital Learning at Chick-fil-A and Glen Hilt, Senior Manufacturing Trades Training Specialist at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works about how virtual reality is transforming their training programs to achieve greater engagement and learning retention.

Hear from Matt Golino, creator and founder of ZenVR, on how an immersive VR meditation curriculum can support your L&D system.

Ask any teaching or training professional, they would argue that the success of their students isn’t just about maximizing the speed at which they learn, but that they pay attention for enough time. For employee training programs it is complicated: while some are scored with tests, they have found that real world training success rates track closer on training “engagement” — a measure of how much attention was paid. Indicators of real world success rates include time to first satisfactory “production” execution, mean time between execution failure, and rework rate. When visually engaging training tools are used, net success rates go up, and training times to reach competency go down.

And that is why augmented reality works so brilliantly for training and competency assessment. It is both engaging and visual, a stimulating graphical superposition of the computer world on top of the real one. When you add the digital advantages of "anytime & anywhere", you open up order-of-magnitude gains to your organization.

Speaker: Greg Scott, Strategic Account Executive, ScopeAR

Learn directly from HR and L&D leaders who have been in the trenches standing up XR-based pilot programs and moving their programs to scale.

Moderator: Peirce Clark, Program Development Manager, XRA
Panelists: Scott Burkey, Technology Fellow, Westrock; Jordan Williams, Co-Founder & COO, ArborXR; Steve Veal, CMRP/CRL, Mars

This presentation will explore the ROI of AR and VR Training identifying key areas of impact using real-world client use cases and relevant market research.

There are many ways VR Training can provide value to your organization from increasing safety and productivity to significantly reducing costs and creating new revenue opportunities. Understanding all the aspects of the return you can get from VR Training will help you accelerate adoption and get the greatest value from your investment in these technology solutions. VR training provides new innovative ways to reduce training costs while improving training outcomes and increasing overall efficiencies. VR Training not only contributes to the health of your business but in many cases, it can also improve the health and safety of your trainees.
Moderator: Liz Hyman, CEO, XRA
Panelists: Vi Kellersohn, CMO, Oberon Technologies; Pete Choo, Innovation Lead, Talent & Organization North America, Accenture; Travis Falstad, Vice President, Learning Experience Design, Talespin

Despite the billions dedicated to DEI every year, recent sentiment data shows that employees are still not reaping the benefits of a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. It's time for a different approach. Immersive technologies offer unique opportunities to build critical skills needed to advance DEI and improve the way we work — at scale. Sharing insights from her founder journey, Elise Smith will showcase how Praxis Labs' enterprise clientele are leveraging immersive technology to achieve real and lasting outcomes for DEI.

Come network with other HR and Learning & Development professionals and get hands-on training all in one place! Drinks and light snacks will also be served.

Experience first-hand from companies like Meta, Praxis Labs, Oberon Technologies, ArborXR, PIXO VR, ZenVR and many more about the limitless future of XR technology to train and upskill employees.



Putting you in command of XR device management to confidently manage VR & AR devices.


Enhancing training processes, by deploying solutions with the latest Immersive Technologies.

Circuit Stream

Accelerating XR's adoption and transforming how we learn, communicate and collaborate.


Organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.


Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.

Oberon Technologies Inc.

A leading provider of innovative extended reality (XR) training and information delivery technologies.


PIXO offers a complete, end-to-end VR solution for enterprise.

Praxis Labs

End-to-end immersive learning platform for soft skills that combines the best of research-driven curriculum and learning.

Scope AR

Delivering the industry’s only cross-platform AR tools for empowering frontline workers.


Training the future of every industry and opening up new opportunities for people across the globe.


With ZenVR, we bring the meditation classroom experience right to your home.


Allison Baldwin

Allison Baldwin is the President of ATD Greater Atlanta. As a leader of a non-profit organization in the Talent & Development community, she has experience onboarding and leading teams, developing a variety of programs, building out succession plans, and leading strategic planning sessions. During her tenure as President-elect, she helped plan and execute the chapter's mentorship program, aligned it with the Talent & Development, which earned the chapter Sharing Our Success recognition from ATD.

Rich Beaudrie

Rich has spent his entire 20-year career as a lifelong learner and professional educator. His passion for helping others grow and transforming the way we design learning experiences began as a fifth-grade teacher in Milan, MI. These passions led to a career in corporate learning, innovation, and strategy, working for major corporations to small start-ups. For the last ten years, he has been a student of how the workplace and our learners are changing due to the rapid acceleration of change driven by advances in technology, and most recently, Covid 19. Rich currently serves as the Principal Program Lead, Digital Learning in Learning & Development at Chick-fil-A, supporting Staff-facing learning and Digital Innovation.

Scott Burkey

Scott Burkey is a Technology Fellow at WestRock, a global manufacturing and consumer packaging company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. He takes a pragmatic approach to implementing new ways of making training more effective and supporting front-line workers. Having worked as a software developer for over 20 years for brands like CNN, TBS/TNT and Coca-Cola, Scott now champions new technologies in the manufacturing industry which he believes will be one of the biggest adopters of augmented and virtual reality. Prior to WestRock Scott delivered VR products for the National Basketball Association. He serves in an advisory capacity to startups and non-profits.

Danielle Burnstein

Danielle is the vice president of business development and marketing of immersive healthcare at Penumbra, Inc. Danielle joined Penumbra in 2021, after Penumbra acquired Sixense Enterprises Inc., the immersive computing company that partnered with Penumbra to develop the REAL System platform. With nearly a decade of experience in the technology sector, Danielle has spent most of her career developing and commercializing virtual reality technology for training and healthcare. Prior to Penumbra and Sixense Enterprises Inc., Danielle worked at Universal Music Group in business development and strategy where she first introduced virtual reality to bring live concerts to the masses regardless of location.

Pete Choo

Pete is a Managing Director in Accenture's Talent & Organization practice for North America. His passion is building diverse and multidisciplinary teams, working on human problems, and irreverent candor. His long-term goal is the creation of systems and communities that support universal well-being and human dignity.

Peirce Clark

Peirce Clark serves as the XR Association’s Program Development Manager. In this position, Clark assists in the development of industry leading best practices, evaluates potential research topics, and supports XRA’s Health and Inclusion committees. Clark previously worked with GEICO in their Financial Planning and Analysis department, where he managed high visibility projects to align costs at a corporate level. Additionally, Clark brings with him management, software implementation and business analysis experience. Clark graduated from the University of Redlands with a Bachelors degree in Global Business.

Travis Falstad

Travis Falstad leads the Learning Experience Design team at Talespin. This team consists of learning engineers, game and instructional designers, system architects, narrative designers, and more.  In this role, Falstad supports Talespin's mission to build a platform that offers enterprise customers, partners, and individuals an end-to-end solution for creating, distributing, and measuring the impact of immersive learning content. Falstad specifically focuses on Talespin's scalable authoring tool to create learning content, the learner experience itself, and optimizing the systems that underpin these experiences.

Jud Faircloth

Jud Faircloth has worked as a manufacturing instructor at Columbus Technical College for the past 7 years and has overall 17 years of production management experience. He has been implementing new technology into training and dual enrollment classes to combat the traditional teaching methods. Jud is a strong advocate of using emerging technologies as training tools for the new generation of students, with VR headsets becoming a mainstay in his training classes.

Matt Golino

In the past few years, Matt has specialized on Virtual Reality design and development, working at Google on their YouTube VR team and winning numerous awards for VR-related projects under various renowned professors. ZenVR™ began as Matt's master's thesis project at The Georgia Institute of Technology at the Human-Computer Interaction program, and it was his belief that its statistically significant increases in a number of mental health metrics could make a broad impact in consumer and organization wellness around the world.

Glen Hilt

Growing up in Mid-Coast Maine to a family with shipbuilding traditions, Glen Hilt always understood the value of hard work and dedication. As a Senior Manufacturing Trade Training Specialist at Bath Iron Works, he carries on the legacy as a third generation shipbuilder. Having spent 34 years with many positions in manufacturing he is able to bridge the gap between generations with use of technology.

Sean Hurwitz

Sean is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building businesses through the smart use of technology and assembly of elite teams. Sean founded PIXO VR in 2009 based on his belief in the power of technology to unlock peoples’ potential. With PIXO VR, he has been helping companies transform their training programs through VR technology. Sean applies his belief to not only help customers grow, but his company and himself as well.

Liz Hyman

Liz Hyman is the Chief Executive Officer of the XR Association (XRA), the trade association representing the technology manufacturers that power the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality industries. XRA is dedicated to the responsible development and thoughtful advancement of XR technologies across the globe. Prior to joining XRA, Hyman served as Executive Vice President of Public Advocacy at the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), where she led the association’s outreach to members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and other international, federal, state, and local government institutions that shape and influence public policies affecting the IT industry.

Vi Kellersohn

Vi Kellersohn is the Chief Marketing Officer of Oberon Technologies. Vi leads the marketing efforts, manages strategic partnerships and supports strategic projects. For over 20 years Vi has helped create co-marketing campaigns, success stories, and business case and ROI reports for B2B technology organizations. Throughout her career Vi has lead marketing organization across all marketing functions including strategy, demand generation, thought leadership, and sales enablement. Vi is a frequent speaker at industry events and serves on industry committees including VRARA and Industrial XR Associations.

Bharath Kumar

Bharath Kumar Sundaram currently heading the Technology and Innovation unit for World Health Organization’s Academy Division. Bharath is a product and technology professional, he has worked in different capacities, ranging from a Developer/designer, and technology head to C-level positions in various technology companies, covering the full spectrum of product development, he graduated with masters in computer science and with a passive and deep interest on extended Reality, digital innovation, and frontier technologies. In his current capacity with WHO, he is building the extended reality capabilities for the World Health Organization to enable extended reality-based learning for health professionals around the world.

Karim Mohammadali

Karim Mohammadali joined Google’s Government Affairs and Public Policy team in 2021 and is a Senior Analyst supporting initiatives on AR/VR/the metaverse, semiconductors, and other areas within Google’s hardware business. Karim has also spent time with Google’s sales organization where he provided insightful review, perspective, and direction on the strategy and operating performance of Google’s businesses. He was previously an M&A consultant at PwC, advising executives across the deal lifecycle in industries such as technology, energy, and infrastructure.

Stephanie Montgomery

Stephanie Montgomery serves as the XR Association’s Vice President of Research and Best Practices. In this position, Montgomery oversees the implementation of XRA’s research agenda, development of its catalogue of industry-leading best practices, and management of its Health and Inclusion committees. Montgomery previously served as the Vice President of Technology and Standards at the Telecommunications Industry Association where she worked with national and international bodies to develop standards driving the adoption of ICT technology. Montgomery is a recipient of the ANSI Meritorious Service Award and received her B.A. from Hood College.

Lori Moylan

Lori Moylan is a Public Policy Manager on Meta’s External Affairs team, where she manages the company’s relationships with think tanks and advocacy organizations to advance ideas in public policy on issues of importance to the company and tech industry. In this role she also works to bring together outside experts with Meta’s product teams to inform responsible product development. Prior to working at Meta, she worked in a number of think tanks, including the American Enterprise Institute, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and the R Street Institute.

Gregory Scott

Greg Scott is the Strategic Director of Sales and Solutions at Scope AR. He has over 15 years of experience in ushering digital transformation into leading organizations, with 5 years of experience focused exclusively on augmented reality for the enterprise. Greg delivers a unique balance of technology strategy, business strategy and real-world pragmatism. Prior to Scope AR, he attended Hamilton College and more recently, the Babson College MBA program with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Elise Smith

Elise has focused her career on scaling access and opportunity. She joined IBM Watson out of college and began building Watson for Education products and doing B2B Sales for the Watson group. She then went to New Schools Venture Fund, a venture-philanthropy investing in innovation in learning, where she supported the Diverse Leaders portfolio in finding, funding, and coaching DEI entrepreneurs. She co-founded Praxis Labs in 2019 while pursuing her MBA and MA in Education at Stanford University.

Alex Swartsel

Alex Swartsel is deputy director of acceleration at JFFLabs. In that role, she helps build and grow JFF’s emerging Impact Accelerator, which is transforming U.S. workforce and education systems by expanding access to innovative technologies that have the potential to revolutionize how Americans work and learn. Before joining JFF, Alex served as chief of development, finance, and external affairs for Teach for America’s Washington, DC, region, a role in which she oversaw fundraising, finance, and communications for a 22-person team supporting more than 3,000 educators and leaders.

Derrick Walker

Derrick Walker is a workforce advisor for Transfr for the state of Georgia. He has been supporting TCSG (Technical Community College System of Georgia) for the last 3 years from IT to workforce development. Derrick has 2 master's degrees in business and education. He resides in North Atlanta with his wife and two daughters.

Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is the co-founder and COO of ArborXR. Under Mr. William's direction, the company, first known as SpringboardVR, became the world’s leading VR management platform serving the location-based entertainment sector before successfully divesting the entertainment division to capitalize on the growing opportunities in the enterprise, healthcare, and education space. He currently lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and three children.

Stephen Veale

Stephen Veale, CMRP/CRL, is a Continuous Improvement (CI) Engineer with Mars Wrigley, a global leader in the confectionary, food and pet industries. A former United States Air Force officer specializing in aircraft technical program management, maintenance, munitions, logistics and acquisitions, Stephen is currently located at Mars' flagship plant in Flowery Branch, Georgia. He has 30+ years of concentrated management and training expertise in aviation/aeronautics management, as well as chemical and confectionary manufacturing.