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U.S. Innovation & Competition Act

The Endless Frontier Act (EFA), now part of the U.S. Innovation & Competition Act, is a visionary bill that seeks to increase investment in the discovery, creation, and commercialization of the most important emerging technologies in order to preserve America’s global leadership well into the 21st century. The bill rightly identifies as priorities key technology focus areas like artificial intelligence, robotics, and advanced communications, among others. But these technologies must not be thought of as separate and independent. The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are interconnected—and the U.S. approach to research and development should reflect and foster that symbiosis.

UPDATE: In a 68-32 vote the Senate passed the U.S. Innovation & Competition Act (USICA). The Senate’s passage of this bill on a bipartisan basis is a huge boost for XR for several reasons. Foremost among them, the bill includes our “immersive technology” language. And, more importantly, the bill authorizes nearly $250 billion in R&D, investment, and educational training for critical and emerging technologies – to include immersive technologies, AI, semiconductors, and advanced battery technology, among others. This level of investment will drive rapid development in the XR technology ecosystem!

Congratulations and thanks to Senator Schumer, Senator Young, and Senator Blunt for their leadership in passing the US Innovation and Competition Act in the Senate and including XR tech among its key focus areas. The XRA urges its passage in the House.