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Atlanta, GA – On Tuesday, November 1st, the XR Association (XRA), the trade association representing the growing ecosystem of companies powering virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR), announced the formation of the XR for All Foundation. The announcement was made at XRA’s Limitless Future Conference which brought together learning & development professionals with XR equipment and software providers to learn and experience the many uses of immersive technology firsthand.

“We are committed to intentionally creating a diverse workforce from the start so that the technology developed represents the full spectrum of users, lived experience, and imagination,” said Liz Hyman, CEO of the XR Association and President of the XR for All Foundation. “The future is bright for the XR industry and the XR workforce must be diverse to ensure that the technology is truly a democratizing force – preparing users for impactful careers both in the XR industry and across other industries as well.”

The XR for All Foundation’s main priority will be supporting the development of a diverse and equitable workforce for the immersive technology industry through broad-based research and impactful partnerships for generations to come. The founding Board Members that will lead this effort are:

  • President: Elizabeth Hyman, XRA
  • Treasurer: Christina Sawyers, XRA
  • Chair: Jessica Lindl, Unity
  • Secretary:Denise Zheng, Accenture
  • Esther Jeong, Meta
  • Naria Santalucia, Microsoft

In addition, the XR for All Foundation’s work will include engaging diverse communities around the benefits of XR as well as career opportunities within the industry. Through these efforts, the XR for All Foundation will serve as the authority on XR as the messenger, the leader, and the key convener for the industry.

“The XR industry is committed to making our technology equitable and accessible to all and the launch of the XR for All Foundation is an important step in making that goal a reality,” said Jessica Lindl, General Manager and Vice President of Social Impact and Education at Unity and Board Chair of the XR for All Foundation. “XR is immersive technology poised to transform the way people work, play, and learn across the globe. Through each of these elements, we will position the XR industry for long-term success and create an opportunity for the best possible impact in every community.”

Media interested in interviews or additional details can contact Brad Williamson.



The XR Association promotes the dynamic global growth of the XR industry, which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed-reality, and future immersive technology. XRA is leading the way for the responsible development and adoption of XR by convening stakeholders, developing best practices and research, and advocating on behalf of our members and the greater XR industry.

The XR Association represents the broad ecosystem of the XR industry including headset manufacturers, technology platforms, component and peripheral companies, internet infrastructure companies, enterprise solution providers, and corporate end-users. The founders of XRA are Google, HTC Vive, Microsoft, Oculus from Facebook, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. To learn more about XRA membership, visit