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Healthcare, Innovation

Healthcare: A Case Study for XR and the Workforce

December 01, 2022 / by Danielle Burnstein, Alex Swartsel, Bharath Kumar

Danielle Burnstein

Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Penumbra, Inc.'s Immersive Healthcare

Alex Swartsel

Deputy Director, Acceleration, JFFLabs

Bharath Kumar

Team Lead - Technology and Innovation, World Health Organization's Academy Division

Liz Hyman


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) we are facing a shortfall of 15 million healthcare workers by 2030 — and the definition of a healthcare professional is not just limited to those with medical or even four-year college degrees (think of dental hygienists, respiratory care providers, medical office management, etc.). XR offers a new and important advancement in education, upskilling and training for these jobs. This panel will explore how XR can cross geographical, educational, and economical barriers to meet workers where they live and provide them with the information they need.

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