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On February 8, 2022, the XR Association convened the first-ever meeting of Future of XR Advisory Council (XRAC), an independent advisory council focused on defining the XR ecosystem and informing the ongoing work of the XR Association. 

At the onset of the meeting,  leaders from the  XR Association shared their vision for XRAC, which include: 

  • Articulating a shared vision of a new computing platform that encompasses creators and participants
  • Creating a roadmap that identifies milestones to achieve a shared vision of a new computing platform
  • Developing detailed work plans toward principles and recommendations for policymakers that advance trust, safety & well-being, and diverse talent pipeline in XR

Throughout the virtual meeting, members of the council discussed their thoughts on how the industry should be defined, measure success to ensure the maturity of XR at-large, and key issues the industry should champion collectively.  The team also participated in breakout discussions focused on Trust; Safety & Well Being; and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access(ibility).

“There are many critical questions and conversations we need to have about XR technology’s global impact,” said Liz Hyman, XR Association President and CEO.  “The XRAC is an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of our industry and get input and feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders to ensure the continued growth and ultimate success of XR.”

XRAC is composed of top executives at industry-leading companies as well as representatives from civil society, academia, and former government officials. For the full list of members and to see high-level notes from the first convening, visit the XRAC site.


The XR Association promotes the dynamic global growth of the XR industry, which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed-reality, and future immersive technology. XRA is leading the way for the responsible development and adoption of XR by convening stakeholders, developing best practices and research, and advocating on behalf of our members and the greater XR industry.

The XR Association represents the broad ecosystem of the XR industry including headset manufacturers, technology platforms, component and peripheral companies, internet infrastructure companies, enterprise solution providers, and corporate end-users. The founders of XRA are Google, HTC Vive, Microsoft, Oculus from Facebook, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. To learn more about XRA membership, visit

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