XR Primer 2.0: A Starter Guide for Developers

PDF; 3.81 MB

XR Primer 2.0 is an update to our developer-focused guidelines first released in 2018. With a focus on creating safe, inclusive, and respectful immersive experiences, this guidance reflects the industry’s focus on user comfort beyond the physical. XR Primer 2.0 takes on emotional comfort by offering guidance on creating appropriate social norms, conduct policies, and content guidelines.


XR Primer 1.0: A Starter Guide for Developers

PDF; 3.73 MB

In order to improve end-user comfort and safety, the XRA has a released a first-of-its-kind primer for XR application developers. This document outlines a set of fundamental design principles that create an industry-wide standard for the development of reality-expanding experiences.

The XR Primer 1.0 represents a collaboration of the top headset and technology manufacturers in the XR industry, and features input from developers and experts throughout the world. The document aligns with the XRA’s mission to promote responsible development and adoption of XR technology globally.


Virtual Reality and Its Potential for Europe

PDF; 26.2 MB

This study provides an in-depth snapshot of the state of play of the fast-changing VR and AR industry in Europe in 2016-2017. The study shows that Europe’s long-standing VR research and manufacturing, highly-skilled workforce, strong creative industry, and cultural diversity put the continent at a clear competitive advantage to seize the emerging VR opportunities and to become an important player in the global VR industry.