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Use Case Power Hour: ScopeAR

December 01, 2022 / by Greg Scott

Greg Scott

Strategic Account Executive, ScopeAR

Ask any teaching or training professional, they would argue that the success of their students isn’t just about maximizing the speed at which they learn, but that they pay attention for enough time. For employee training programs it is complicated: while some are scored with tests, they have found that real world training success rates track closer on training “engagement” — a measure of how much attention was paid. Indicators of real world success rates include time to first satisfactory “production” execution, mean time between execution failure, and rework rate. When visually engaging training tools are used, net success rates go up, and training times to reach competency go down.

And that is why augmented reality works so brilliantly for training and competency assessment. It is both engaging and visual, a stimulating graphical superposition of the computer world on top of the real one. When you add the digital advantages of “anytime & anywhere”, you open up order-of-magnitude gains to your organization.

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