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XR for Learning & Development

Learn how companies like Walmart, Delta Airlines, Kellogg’s, Aggreko and more are utilizing immersive learning to support and grow their workforce.

Immersive technology — virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality — is transforming the field of training, learning, and talent management. The use of AR, VR & MR technology enables more effective, efficient and economical employee learning.

In November 2021, the XR Association brought together senior-level learning and development and HR professionals with cutting-edge XR software developers at the first Limitless Future Conference > XR for Learning & Development. These videos and more are now available on-demand to help support your workforce development initiatives.

Coming Soon — Limitless Future Conference > XR for Learning & Development — November 2022, Atlanta, GA


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December 01, 2022 / by Elise Smith
Return On Investment
December 01, 2022 / by Vi Kellersohn, Pete Choo, Travis Falstad
December 01, 2022 / by Scott Burkey, Jordan Williams, Steve Veal
December 01, 2022 / by Greg Scott
December 01, 2022 / by Matt Golino
December 01, 2022 / by Derrick Walker, Jud Faircloth
December 01, 2022 / by Danielle Burnstein, Alex Swartsel, Bharath Kumar
December 01, 2022 / by Lori Moylan, Karim Mohammadali
Diversity, Innovation
December 01, 2022 / by Allison Baldwin, Liz Hyman
Innovation, Return On Investment, Safety, VR
November 04, 2021 / by Dave Beck, Kevin Marcum
Empathy, Equity
November 04, 2021 / by Audrey Mickahail, Katie Booth, Dan Guenther, Cortney Harding
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
November 04, 2021 / by Kristina Francis
Accessibility, Equity, Inclusion
November 04, 2021 / by Bill Curtis-Davidson, Tim Stutts
Innovation, Sales Training
November 04, 2021 / by Tomissa Smittendorf, Nick Day
Return On Investment, VR
November 04, 2021 / by Samuel Akey, Lorne Fade
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